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Site Information

  • Website:  www.draftkings.com
  • Location:  Boston, MA
  • Established:  2010
  • Restricted Play:  WA, AZ, IA, LA, MT, QC
  • Minimum deposit:  $5
  • Minimum cashout:  $1
  • Rake:  10+%
  • Mobile Software:  Yes
  • Freerolls:  Yes

About DraftKings

The name DraftKings has become synonymous with sports site in just a matter of 2 years. What began as a humble beginning in 2012 is now one of the largest site in the sporting world. DraftKings is very easy to use and it is 100% legal in addition to being completely safe and secure. It is one of the top destinations for the daily sports league.

  • Matchup Blocker
  • Late roster swaps
  • Offers many sports to play including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, MMA and Nascar
  • Some of the biggest guaranteed tournaments in the industry
  • Utility positions which allows for more unique roster creation
  • Choose 2 pitchers in MLB and 2 QB's in NFL
  • Shared player pool with United Kingdom Players
  • Hard to get a lot of volume compared to Fanduel only
  • Only Salary Cap style games available
  • No longer offers Sign Up Bonuses


Deposit Options:
Withdrawal Options:

Sports Offered

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • PGA
  • MMA
  • Nascar
  • Soccer
  • CFB
  • Esports
  • Euro PGA

DraftKings Full Review

The name DraftKings has become synonymous with sports site in just a matter of 2 years. What began as a humble beginning in 2012 is now one of the largest site in the sporting world. DraftKings is very easy to use and it is 100% legal in addition to being completely safe and secure. It is one of the top destinations for the daily sports league.

It offers free play as well as paid contests to win real money. All the cash prizes are amazing and the players get an amazing opportunity to win lots of cash prizes. At DraftKings.com, visitors are provided with the ability to play the entire spectrum of various fantasy sports to win mind blowing cash. It is widely known as the best provider of everyday fantasy sports. You can find wide range of both paid and free contests across multiple exciting game types. The strength of the site lies in its number of sports types it offers.

It has daily contests for numerous professional leagues including fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, fantasy golf, fantasy hockey as well as college basketball and football.

The scoring system in DraftKings is as depicted below for different sports:

Baseball (MLB)

Hitters Pitchers
Single = 3 pts Inning Pitched = 2.25 pts
Double = 5 pts Strikeout = 2 pts
Triple = 8 pts W = 4 pts
Home Run = 10 pts Earned Run Allowed = -2 pts
RBI = 2 pts Hit Allowed = -0.6 pts
Run = 2 pts Walk = -0.6pts
Walk = 2 pts Hit Batsman = -0.6 pts
Hit By Pitch = 2 pts Complete Game = 2.5 pts
Stolen Base = 5 pts Shutout = 2.5 pts
Caught Stealing = -2 pts No Hitter = 5 pts

Football (NFL)

Offense Defense/Special Teams
Passing TD 4 pts Defensive TD 6 pts
Passing Yard .04 pts Return TD 6 pts
Rushing TD 6 pts Interception 2 pts
Rushing Yard .1 pts Fumble Recovery 2 pts
Receiving TD 6 pts Sack 1 pt
Receiving Yard .1 pts Safety 2 pts
Reception 1 pt Blocked Kick 2 pts
2pt Conversion 2 pts 0 Points Allowed 10 pts
Interception -1 pt 1-6 Points Allowed 7 pts
Fumble Lost -1 pt 7-13 Points Allowed 4 pts
Return TD 6 pts 14-20 Points Allowed 1 pt
300+ Yard Passing Game 3 pts 21-27 Points Allowed 0 pts
100+ Yard Rushing Game 3 pts 28-34 Points Allowed -1 pt
100+ Yard Receiving Game 3 pts 35+ Points Allowed -4 pts
Extra Point 1 pt
Field Goal 0-39 Yards 3 pts
Field Goal 40-49 Yards 4 pts
Field Goal 50+ Yards 5 pts

This site is believed to be organizing featured tournaments of fantasy sports with the highest payouts across the world. The membership base of DraftKings has swelled and it is frequented by hundreds of thousands of loyal customers. It is constantly making a great push to offer more payout, be more innovative and contribute more in the growth of the industry. The best thing about this site is that you can always find an NFL contest out there. What more, the website is completely trustworthy and reliable. It always pays the winners. It is secured using the latest SSL technology to ensure reliable transactions. All the major forms of payments are supported for deposits. The website supports the users with a nice looking interface as well as a mobile application which facilitates completion of all the actions easily and quickly. Getting started with the site is simple and so is playing for money here!

They are one of the very few sites which let you play for free and win real money!

DraftKings is very ethical and they do not impose season-long commitment on its users. One can join it for free and even double up the cash by depositing amount of their choice. You just need to provide your details like email address to start participating in daily sports. Another good thing is that you have ample choices of playing every time you visit it. Choose from tournament or one-to-one play, free entry or paid, all is up to you! The site offers an easy way to get your own sports team ready in just minutes. Not only this, there is an all new service that lets you watch and monitor all the actions live, right on your computer or even mobile devices.

An impressive feature of this site is that it keeps the action always going. Most sites get slowed down after the NFL season but DraftKings does not. It keeps offering number of contests through a variety of sports and there will always be thousands of active contests to participate. What makes this site reliable is the fact that as soon as a contest ends, your account is instantly credited. You need not wait and worry for the payment. You can deposit money easily in a single step and get bonus cash against it. This bonus cash can be used to participate in contests and earn more. At DraftKings.com, one can use PayPal and all popular credit cards to make his deposit. A completely no-fuss way to start playing your favorite sports or contests!

Once you are ready to start, you would find multiple ways of finding and selecting those contests that fit your criteria. Easy to use filters and navigation would make this task simple and painless. With more than $200 million guaranteed to be won as prizes to thousands of winners, the website is getting highly popular across the globe. It offers various games for MLB, NFL, NHL, PGA, NBA, college football and college basketball and the salary cap for each is set to $50,000 regardless of the type of sport. Below is the list of types of games it offers and the corresponding prize ranges and winning conditions for each.

Head-To-Head $1 – $5300
Head-To-Head Matrix $5 – $1060, 21 entries
Leagues 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 20 man
Tournaments $0.25 – $1060
50/50 –Double Ups 4 – 22.2 k man
3X – Triple Ups Top 1/3 of field wins triple the money
10X – 10X Booster Top 1/10 win ten times the money

DraftKings primarily offers the salary cap professional tournaments but then breaks the offerings down to secondary categories like qualifiers, guaranteed events, leagues, multipliers, head to head matches, steps and more. The competition is quite moderate unlike other sites which offer tougher field for higher buy-in. Here, you find plenty of variation in game offering and choose those fitting your skills and taste. The site introduces an all new loyalty program where the players get to qualify for monthly free rolls upon participating in specific tournaments. There is an exciting feature of bonus rewards which are given to the most dedicated players of the website and they receive up to 25% of the payment back upon reaching a gold or platinum status. Members also get Frequent Player Points (FPPs) that can be utilized for buying additional events or even merchandise in the store.

The best and most impressive aspect of DraftKings is believed to be its interface. With an all new, attractive, simple to use and navigate user interface, the site has succeeded in providing a never before gaming experience to users. It is the foremost sports site to offer the feature of ‘late game swap’ whereby players are allowed to edit their own roster until their game starts regardless of the time when the first game of the contest begins. This feature has grown very popular among the players and is a big reason for their growth and success. Another amazing feature is the ‘My Lineups’ and is the best of the features available with sports. This ‘My Lineups’ page gets to you all your lineups in one single comprehensive page organized by player pool, sport and other criteria. You get the ability to edit your roster on the fly. These and many more useful features have added to the wide popularity of the site.

Once you enter any contest and start building your roster, DraftKings would put the depth chart of each of the teams along with a detailed scoreboard where you can view the starters and backups. An innovative feature is the Opponent Rank which is added to the lineup screen and it is highly useful as it allows players making a quick lineup in case they would like to play according to the opponent rank at different positions. The player card of DraftKings is probably the most impressive in the industry with attractive page, organized statistics and lot of news right at the bottom. Not only this, you can easily get the salary history of any player right there and this is an amazing feature. As the player is logged in, he can see the ‘Bell’ icon at the upper right corner of the lobby. Any of the news from your players in the lineup would be posted there. This helps greatly when you want to know about the injury news impacting your team.

With these mind blowing features and customer friendly services DraftKings is earning the trust of millions throughout the world and making its users super rich like never before. So, get your very own DraftKings account now and start minting cold hard cash!