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About DraftDay

The user interface of DraftDay.com has a similar format as other such websites and is simple to use and navigate. Being highly intuitive, the site is perfect for both beginners and intermediates. The easy to navigate lobby design would impress even those who are not familiar with online fantasy sites.

  • Easy to get around on the website.
  • Live scoring is quicker than most other sites.
  • Tons of freerolls. Huge variety of different game types. (Rapid Fire, Target Games, Brackets, etc.)
  • Not a lot of players compared to Fanduel and DraftKings.
  • The few amount of players that do play on this site are pros.
  • Mobile app doesn't run smoothly.


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Sports Offered

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • PGA
  • CFB

DraftDay Full Review

One of the pioneer online fantasy money leagues, DraftDay is known for its steady presence through the time in the industry. It is a daily fantasy sports site from the founders of CardRunners.com, a leading team in online education for players of online poker. They have tried to transition their skills over to the daily fantasy sports industry with the making of DraftDay.com.

DraftDay, like most other online fantasy sites, provide its players a challenging way to put their sports skills to test, each day of the week. It was designed from the ground up to offer a website that would be called home by every fan of daily sports league. It considers it a priority to ensure a fair, safe experience for all its customers. For this, it safeguards the players’ funds in dedicated bank account rather than with operational funds.

To ensure a smooth game play on a reliable platform, DraftDay applies years of gaming and e-commerce experience. With this daily fantasy sports website, you will no longer have to deal with season long commitments. You can jump in right when you are ready. What more, you can always draft another team the next day if you are not happy with it today. The most important benefit is that your entire sports season won’t be ruined by a single unlucky injury. You can draft multiple games each day and manage them all easily from a single convenient place. So get going with daily fantasy sports rather than traditional sports games and have better, endless fun!

The user interface of DraftDay.com has a similar format as other such websites and is simple to use and navigate. Being highly intuitive, the site is perfect for both beginners and intermediates. The easy to navigate lobby design would impress even those who are not familiar with online fantasy sites. The main lobby itself offers various themes to let you enjoy viewing. In addition to this, they offer simple to use filters like filtering by pick me games or salary caps and filtering by number of players or buy-ins for a league. The buttons are all well laid out and clean. You can select your sport on the top, then your preferred buy-in and the field size. You would see the games below the filters and they can be sorted by different columns. As an influence of the poker industry, the draft rooms here are not named as numbers like other sites. Some examples of the daily contests it offers as GPPs during the MLB season are described here:

  • Wiz Walkoff – A $1 Buy-In GPP Tournament
  • The Jackpot – A $1 Buy-In event in which all try to beat the top score of the MLB season and win the jackpot that continues accruing every day till the top score is not hit.
  • Mendoza Line/Helton Heights – These are two salary cap format games in which any player who is capable of hitting the hit in and split it line can split the total prize pool along with those others hitting that mark.
  • BALCO Berry, Ground Rule Double and EI Sid – Different GPP style daily tournaments.

The lobby gives you the ability to sort games by Private or Salary, thus making it simple playing private leagues and minimizing cluttering of chat box. It is great at positioning the chat box. Regardless of the page you are on, the chat box is positioned at custom, convenient location to keep you well involved in the discussion.

The most important of the tasks, draft selection, is well handled and facilitated by DraftDay. It makes the entire process clean and smooth. Once you are done selecting one position, it would auto-tab to the next available position. This is a useful feature. Clicking on a Player pops up a Player Info card containing detailed information about Player Overview, Split Stats and Game Log. A useful detail is the added ‘Average Salary Remaining Per Player’. This detail is constantly displayed to show you the average remaining salary you have for every empty roster spot. These small features help a lot in making your drafting process smooth and effective.

Along with these, there is a feature called ‘Rapid Replace’ that allows seamless editing of any player across all the lineups. If a player is on multiple teams, you would be able to see the smallest amount of excess salary shown for him. To understand this, consider Ryan Howard is on two teams. He had an excess salary of $1000 on one team but $200 excess on the other. In this case, you will be able to pick a player that costs at the most $200. Amazing feature of DraftDay.com!

Another impressive major aspect of the website is the Community section. It is great mainly due to the conveniently located chat boxes. They also come with a convenient pop-out feature. Almost all times of the day, you would find a rep available in live chat to resolve your questions. Not only this, you can always benefit from the Blog, Forums, and Perfect Lineup and Strategy sections of DraftDay.com.

This site is also known for the game variance it offers. It puts out some exclusively new, innovative game formats to keep the players entertained. The Salary Cap draft, which is the common format across daily fantasy sites, can always be found. It offers NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB. Though the roster settings are standard, scoring system is unique in the industry though familiar. A unique addition is the custom contest lengths for each league. For example, consider joining a heads up NFL league and you as well as your opponent have only those players involved in Sunday games. In this case, you will not necessarily need to wait till Monday for the completion of the contest. They would wrap it up once all the players in each draft have finished. This would make the participants happy as they can expect instant gratification and payouts.

Getting started with this site is so simple! You begin by signing up for an account with a very short signup form. It just needs entering your name and email address. Then, you can deposit money in your account and start playing. Within no time, you will be ready to choose from the wide range of contests as per your own criteria. It would allow selection on the basis of sport, buy-in, and number of players, payouts, start time and game type. Most of the game types follow the same rule of scoring the highest points to win the game. You would find a variety of online fantasy contests including free rolls, real money, tournaments, Pick 3, Pick 5, head to head. It is possible to create an all new game with your own custom specifications or join multiple existing games. Choice is yours!

And believe it or not, you have the biggest promotion in the daily fantasy history here on DraftDay.com! You get an entry and if you succeed in picking the highest scoring player on each position (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, and D/ST), you become a millionaire! DraftDay has recently introduced Pick 3 and Pick 5, which allow participants to pick 3 or 5 winners for matchups between two fantasy players. You must choose the fantasy player that will have the highest point total on the particular day. If you pick correctly, you double your money. The easy money making is right here!

Most of the games on DraftDay.com use salary cap format. This implies that you have a specific amount for spending for entire week and can select different players having varying salaries. After you have drafted your team and the total salary of the players is under the salary cap, you are ready to enter the contest. The scoring rules for this game format is as described below:

Offense Defense Kicking
Pass TD = 6 pts Sack = 1 pt Extra Point Made = 1 pt
1 Pass Yard = 0.04 pts Interception = 2 pts Field Goal Made = 3 pts
Interception = -2 pts Fumble Recovery = 2 pts FG Yards = 0.1 pts
1 Rush Yard = 0.1 pts Touchdown = 6 pts
Rush TD = 6 pts Safety = 2 pts
1 Receiving Yard = 0.1 pts Blocked Kick = 2 pts
Reception TD = 6 pts Kickoff/PR Touchdown = 6 pts
Reception = 1 pt Points allowed – 0 = 10 pts
Return TD = 6 pts Points allowed – 1-6 = 7 pts
2 pt Conversion = 2 pts Points allowed – 7-13 = 4 pts
Lost Fumble = -2 pts Points allowed – 14-20 = 1 pt
Points allowed – 21-27 = 0 pts
Points allowed – 28-34 = -1 pt
Points allowed – 35+ = -4 pts

DraftDay supports all the popular withdrawal and deposit methods available including Check, PayPal, and Credit Card. Withdrawing money is as simple as that! Click on your cash balance shown towards the upper right corner and access ‘My Account’ from the drop down menu. Click on the ‘Cashout’ link and select your payout method to withdraw your funds.

With innovative viewpoints and offerings, DraftDay is believed to cause some great improvements in the online fantasy sports industry and is an impressionable choice of all times!