who NOT to play 2/3/2017

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Yesterday was interesting

Fade on LMA- didn’t play

Fade on Blake- kindof a fail, but also incomplete information.  At the time I wrote that he was covered by Draymond, so the matchup wasn’t true.

Fade on Nick Young ironically on the night that FD had a “Swaggy slate” where you could only play one player at center (Nick Young) was spot on.  He scored 8 fantasy points.

Here’s the who NOT to play list for today 2/3/2017 NBA 9 game slate.

CJ McCollum

He’s 7.8k on FD and 7.2K on DK.  He’s matched up against the up and coming Seth Curry who is showing himself to be a scrappy defender along with the putrid pace of play set up by the Mavs.  Seth has allowed 14% less fantasy points per minute to opposing guards.  We project him for 29 tonight on FD- about 4 points short of where other sites have him.  Either way, on FD even at 33 points, he’s NOT a play tonight.


Andrew Wiggins

Wiggs is 7.3k on FD and 7k on DK.  He’s up against Marcus Morris and the Pistons.  T-Wolves set to score 2% lower (Vegas) but Marcus has been a beast on defense this season holing opposing SF to 12.3% less FP/min (weighted).  Wiggs projects for 28 on FD about 3-4 points lower than other sites have him.  He’s no where near making value or any of our teams tonight on DM.


Reggie Jackson

Reggie is up against Ricky Rubio.  Rubio has never been known as a good defender, but this year with a new system his numbers have vastly improved- almost 14% up from last year.  He’s only a slightly positive on the DVP side (3% better), and we project him for 26 tonight on FD and 29.2 on DK.  He’s 6.1k on FD and 6k on DK.  his FP/min are down 6% over the last ten games while Caldwell Pope’s are up 7%.   Unless something changes, we won’t be seeing any Reggie Jackson tonight in DFS.

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