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Lumberjack’s NFL Edge – Saturday Divisional Round

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Let me begin this article by welcoming you to DraftManager! This will be our new home for anything, and everything related to Daily Fantasy Sports. The guys over at RotoCurve have provided the tools that will be backing our site, while we will be handling all of the content on a daily basis. The purpose of this article will be to give the average player an edge over the rest of the field in GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) contests. I will not only list my favorite plays on the day, but I will also talk some slate strategy, lineup building tips, and contest selection. These are all key concepts whenever you are building a lineup for tournaments, and can differ very much in comparison to cash games.


So, some people might be wondering, what really dictates a good GPP play? The answer is very simple. Players that have the highest projected ceiling, at lower projected ownership. Of course there are several factors that I personally use to determine players who can be good options. Projected ownership is a big part when building my tournament lineups. If a player is projected at 50%, and you do not play him, that can give you a large edge over the rest of the field. Now, I am not saying fade a 50% owned Christian McCaffrey just because he is projected at that ownership. One of the biggest keys to success in these contests is the ability to identify good, and bad chalk.

Another thing that I use to determine these plays are player price points. If a guy is priced poorly on a site, but has the potential for a big game, and is projected at lower ownership, I am going to have a good deal of interest in him. Lastly I would like to discuss one of the most underrated topics in the DFS industry, and that is contest selection.

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