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FanDuel NHL Power Plays – Tuesday, December 3

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FanDuel NHL Power Plays – Tuesday, December 3

The Monday night slate was smaller than the typically large Tuesday FanDuel NHL Main slate we’ll see tonight, but it was still a decent sized slate with lots of dynamic play. We had a solid plan in place, but unfortunately we didn’t nail down the biggest plays of the nice.

Frankly, my lineup had more total points than most of my lineups over the last several days, and it returned the least amount of cash. Sometimes that happens. In this case, it was mostly due to the lack of production from Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks on home ice against a Blues defense. Lesson learned!

However, I’m confident similar moves could help us on Tuesday night. And, there are some big offensive plays we should be able to exploit to generate larger amounts of cash returns for a big Main slate.

Before I jump into the NHL schedule and lineup thoughts, for those big players out there FanDuel NHL has a ‘SUPER Monster’ tournament tonight. Entry fee is $333, but there is only 334 total players and the cash prizes are as high as $25K for the winner, down to at least $600 for 78th place and higher.

If you think you have a rock-solid GPP roster, go for it!

OK, let’s get started!

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