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Draftkings NBA Thunderdome: Sunday, 12/1

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Welcome to another edition of the Draftkings NBA Thunderdome!  Some people think Sundays are for football, but we have a four-game NBA main slate tonight that I will be playing and I rarely ever take a slate off. Please note that the DK main slate has the two 5:00 games and the two 6:00 games but does not include the 10:30 game between the Wizards and Clippers. FanDuel’s main slate is a three-gamer with the two 6:00 games and the 10:30 game included, so just beware that each site’s main slates are much different today. The slate locks at 5:00 PM, so it’s pretty nice timing with most of the NFL games wrapping up early today anyway!

The Thunderdome is going to my all-inclusive analysis of the NBA slate that will be geared towards Draftkings pricing and roster construction. Using the tools provided by RotoCurve, the analysts here at Draftmanager are going to be able to provide you with high-quality articles with actionable information that are concise and straight to the point.

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