Many sports are being suspended, for updates see here


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The NBA has suspended their season due to the coronavirus outbreak.



With the NBA (and possibly other leagues) suspending their sports, we will be SURE that all subscriptions receive the full length of what was paid.

For example:

March 11, 2020 was the last day before NBA was suspended.

If the NBA resumes on March 15th, that is a four-day difference and everyone will be given four days to their subscriptions.

It is our full belief that the seasons are not “OVER”, they will just be pushed back for the time being.

Until we hear what the NBA chooses to do, we will not have a comment any further.

Any updates will be provided here.


Working with our developer. So what we will be doing with NBA (and hopefully no other sport) is adding the exact amount of days it is suspended for when it resumes. This way, everyone gets exactly what they paid for. This will be in effect for all sports if needed, but hopefully there’s no need.


MLB Early Bird

As for those who purchased the MLB Early Bird, when that season begins is when your subscription will start. You will still receive the full length of your MLB season subscription.