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DK Billion dollar QB/WR Stacks 0

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88% of the time last year there was a QB/WR or QB/TE Combo 12% of the time a QB showed up on the perfect lineup without a WR or TE. Those weeks were Marcus Mariota and Colin Kaepernick Both weeks the QB’s had significant rushing games, meaning if you’re not going to stack a WR with TE you need the upside of a rushing QB. Here are the combinations of QB/WR stacks that were on the perfect lineups last year and the defenses they faced:   Brees/Snead (Oakland) Matt Ryan/Julio Jones (Carolina) Roethlisberger/Coates (NYJ) Brady/Hogan (Bal) Brees/Cooks (Arizona) Carr/Cooper (Tampa) […]
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Picking the DK Billion Dollar DEFENSE- What you need to know. 0

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I’ll be publishing everything you need to know going into the first week on DK for their Billion dollar perfect lineup. Here are the defenses in last years DK Perfect lineups Defenses Broncos 3 Eagles 2 Rams 1 Vikings 1 Buccaneers 1 Bills 1 Steelers 1 Falcons 1 Chiefs 1 Chargers 1 Giants 1 Colts 1 Patriots 1 Here are defenses they went against to make the perfect lineup Def. Against Tennesse 2 Minnesota 2 Rams 2 Cleveland 2 NYJ 2 Chargers 1 Washington 1 Arizona 1 Chicago 1 Jacksonville 1 Indianapolis 1 37.5% of the teams in the first […]
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Fanduel MLB DFS Big Fade 8/29 0

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I’m not sure how Upton end up doing last night.  I know when I last saw he had 19 or so in the 4th inning making my big fade what exactly?  Doesn’t matter.  Follow the stats, trust your process.  Don’t be results oriented.  Don’t be the guy who says “I knew I should have played _____________ Fill in the blank.” What you really mean is-I wish that my players did better and that guy did worse. Here is my big fade for 8/29: Giancarlo Stanton 5.4k on Fanduel tonight. Fanduels salary algorithm, unlike Draftkings, is on a scale of recent […]
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Binomial Distribution in DFS 0

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The purpose of this article is to explain binomial distribution and how it relates to DFS. It’s a great tool to understand probability and variance. It allows me to properly manage expectations during upswings and downswings. Let’s jump in. You need 3 things: (N)- the number of events. For our purpose today we’ll call this the number of days we play dfs. We’ll make it simple and say we play one lineup a day, for x amount of days to get (N). (R)- the number of successes. For this example we’ll call those “wins”. Days in DFS where we show […]
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